Test your English knowledge now!
Vyplňte tento formulár a pošlite nám ho, budeme mať vzhľad a odporučí kurz vhodný pre vás:
Question 1:
Ako by ste sa predstavili 2-3 vetami. / Introduce yourself in 2-3 sentences.
Question 2:
Ako sa spýtate na cenu napr. knihy. Napíšte aspoň 2 možnosti. / How to ask about the price of a book. Write at least 2 possibilities.
Question 3:
Ako reagujete na otázku: „What´s up?“ / Your answer to „What´s up?“
Question 4:
Chcete otvoriť okno v miestnosti, kde sú iní ľudia. Spýtajte sa či môžete, či im to nevadí. / Ask the other people in the room, if you can open the window and if they don`t mind.
Question 5: He .......... to America 5 years ago.
Question 6: He's been living in London .......... ten years.
Question 7: After he .......... to his girlfriend, he telephoned his mother.
Question 8: Martin is very .......... by football.
Question 9: If you came to the party, you .......... it.
Question 10: Veta znie/Read: Peter looks after his parents. Vytvorte otázku na odpoveď/ Create question with the answer: His parents.
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Language courses and price list
One on one lessons
The intensity and the contents of the lessons are tailored to students´ needs
DUO, TRIO & Quatro
Very popular and effective way of learning languages. Students are involved every minute of the lesson, and they also have a coursemate to communicate with.
„Languages open the door to the world.“
Kamila Onderišinová
I teach English
Slovak teacher Native teacher
One on one lesson 15 € / 45 min 18 € / 45 min
Tutoring between: 13:00-15:00h 12 € / 45 min –––
DUO Two students 9 € / 45 min 11,50 € / 45 min
TRIO Three students 7,50 € / 45 min 9,50 € / 45 min
QUATRO 6 € / 45 min 8 € / 45 min

„+10% pre business, FCE, maturity, konverzácie“
Primary school pupils (groups of 5–7 children)
The groups are formed according to the age of pupils. The lessons are age-adjusted, as we know that children first need to love the lessons and then they will soon make progress.

At the end of the course in June, children receive school reports along with their final tests, which give parents an idea about their childrens' level and their classification in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
Pupils can also sit for the international exams:
  • Young Learners English Tests: Starters, Movers, Flyers' - for the youngest students
  • Key for Schools, Preliminary for Schools, FCE for Schools'- for students aged 12+
What we do in the lessons:
  • everyday English (weather, week days, breakfast..)
  • games with flash cards, board games to widen the vocabulary
  • we use EnPAL library
  • various projects
  • interactive whiteboard is used in the lessons
„The younger we are, the easier learning is. And learning is fuuuuuun :-).“
Lenka Sieber
I teach English
Primary school children (5-7 st.) 2x week 34 x 55 min 165 € Slovak teacher
Primary school children (5-7 st.) 2x week 34 x 55 min 195 € Slovak and native teacher
Adults (Groups of 4-6 students)
Absolute beginners
No knowledge of language, step by step learning, no basics needed for this course.
For students with some basic knowledge, ideal for people who want to take up a language after a long break
Pre intermediate course
ideal for students with basic present, past and future tense and basic vocabulary
Intermediate course
Students improve their communication skills and grammar.
International exams preparation course
For students aiming to sit for exams: FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, IELTS
Preparation for school leaving exam
There are two parts of the course: preparation for the external and internal part of exam.
Conversational courses
Just practice your communication skills with a native teacher.
„By learning foreign languages you build bridges between countries“
Katka Millerová
I teach English
High school students (groups of 4-6 students)

The lessons are designed to meet the needs of students. We always do our best to group students by their level of proficiency

Very popular are courses where Slovak and native teachers alternate.
For this age group of students, the following courses are prepared:
  • School leaving exam preparation (internal and external part)
  • all levels of language
  • preparation for international language exams ( B1,B2,C1,C2)
  • courses where Slovak and native teachers alternate
Adults, high school students (4-6 st.) 2x week 30 x 55 min 175 € Slovak teacher
Adults, high school students (4-6 st.) 1x week 15 x 90 min 145 € Native teacher
Adults, high school students (4-6 st.) 2x week 30 x 55 min 210 € Slovak and native teacher
School leaving exam, external part 15 x 120 min 195 € Slovak teacher
School leaving exam, internal part 10 x 120 min 130 € Slovak teacher
Preparation for international language exams (4-6 st.) 30 x 75 min 280 € Slovak and native teacher
Conversation (4-6 st.) 1xweek 15 x 75 min 180 € Slovak teacher

Pre uchádzačov o zamestnanie „KOMPAS“ (Skupiny X študentov)

Skupinový kurz pre uchádzačov o zamestnanie.

Počet hodín Cena
Skupinový kurz – podľa úrovne UoZ 108 459 €
Company courses
EnPAL Language School offers company courses with experienced teachers. Lessons can be held either on the premises of the company, or at our language school. .

Company courses within Kosice area are free of commuting charge.

Pricing for corporate courses by agreement.
„It is worth knowing...“
Georgina Williams
I teach English

We can help you with translations from and to Slovak language. These are not sworn translations.

The price is quoted per standard page = 1800 characters.

To foreign language From foreign langugae
English, German language 15 € 13 €
Other languages 16,50 € 15 €