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Vyplňte tento formulár a pošlite nám ho, budeme mať vzhľad a odporučí kurz vhodný pre vás:
Question 1:
Ako by ste sa predstavili 2-3 vetami. / Introduce yourself in 2-3 sentences.
Question 2:
Ako sa spýtate na cenu napr. knihy. Napíšte aspoň 2 možnosti. / How to ask about the price of a book. Write at least 2 possibilities.
Question 3:
Ako reagujete na otázku: „What´s up?“ / Your answer to „What´s up?“
Question 4:
Chcete otvoriť okno v miestnosti, kde sú iní ľudia. Spýtajte sa či môžete, či im to nevadí. / Ask the other people in the room, if you can open the window and if they don`t mind.
Question 5: He .......... to America 5 years ago.
Question 6: He's been living in London .......... ten years.
Question 7: After he .......... to his girlfriend, he telephoned his mother.
Question 8: Martin is very .......... by football.
Question 9: If you came to the party, you .......... it.
Question 10: Veta znie/Read: Peter looks after his parents. Vytvorte otázku na odpoveď/ Create question with the answer: His parents.
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„Thanks to a professional approach and a nice atmosphere in the lessons my son has achieved a good level of English, which enables him to communicate in English without difficulties. I am grateful to ENPAL for helping my son achieve this necessary language skill.“
Brano Brutovsky, Kosice
„I have been attending Enlish language course for a few years, I find the teachers' approach very professional and empathetic. People around me and I myself have noticed a significant progress in my English and have been surprised by my ability to communicate in this language... Thank you for that :)“
Mitaka L.t.d., Kosice
„My son Martin has gained a lot from the English lessons, thanks to the teacher, who runs the lessons in a very interesting way for an 11 year-old boy. He always looks forward to the next lesson.“
Ing. Želmíra Kužmová, Kosice