Test your English knowledge now!
Vyplňte tento formulár a pošlite nám ho, budeme mať vzhľad a odporučí kurz vhodný pre vás:
Question 1:
Ako by ste sa predstavili 2-3 vetami. / Introduce yourself in 2-3 sentences.
Question 2:
Ako sa spýtate na cenu napr. knihy. Napíšte aspoň 2 možnosti. / How to ask about the price of a book. Write at least 2 possibilities.
Question 3:
Ako reagujete na otázku: „What´s up?“ / Your answer to „What´s up?“
Question 4:
Chcete otvoriť okno v miestnosti, kde sú iní ľudia. Spýtajte sa či môžete, či im to nevadí. / Ask the other people in the room, if you can open the window and if they don`t mind.
Question 5: He .......... to America 5 years ago.
Question 6: He's been living in London .......... ten years.
Question 7: After he .......... to his girlfriend, he telephoned his mother.
Question 8: Martin is very .......... by football.
Question 9: If you came to the party, you .......... it.
Question 10: Veta znie/Read: Peter looks after his parents. Vytvorte otázku na odpoveď/ Create question with the answer: His parents.
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What else we do
Summer camp for children
For the past 5 years we have organized summer camps for children aged from 6 to 14. Children always enjoy the camps, as it is always about fun, as well as education. The camps are focused on sports and learning English. It broadens children´s mind and trains their body, following Greek Kalos kagathos
EnPAL library
Read, read and read... this is also a way to improve your vocabulary. You can borrow books at EnPAL library for free... For our little students we organize a contest: The best reader.
Interactive whiteboard
a good combination of activities: our well - tried traditional way of teaching enriched with attractive interactive whiteboard activities
Scrabble events
Scrabble is a very popular activity with the students - during the lessons, or tournaments. You can build your vocabulary and have fun at the same time. The Scrabble evenings are organized together with Britain´s pub .

EnPAL Language School is the place where qualification tournaments for World Championships in English Scrabble are held.
Study abroad
If you want to improve your foreign language, we can help you choose the right place to go. We cooperate with EF Education First.
Open house day
Informal meeting with teachers, parents and children. Atmosphere is always great, kids do some arts and crafts activities together with English conversation and parents are happy to watch them, and join in as well.
We educate preschoolers
Our ENPAL has been teaching English at one of the best Kindergartens in Kosice, Tatranska 23, for 8 years. Our teachers are there every day to teach little students basic communication skills and vocabulary.